新学術創成研究機構 Institute for Frontier Science Initiative(InFiniti)





We are looking for students and Postdocs to work on NPC research together.





 3 大学院・専攻

新学術創成研究科 ナノ生命科学専攻 (本専攻から卓越大学院プログラムへ応募できます)



 修士:月13万円 博士:月18万円 また、日本学術振興会特別研究員(DC1,DC2)へ応募可能です

 Scholarships: This nano division basically offers scholarships to all students enrolled. Master's: 130,000 yen per month  Doctoral: 180,000 yen per month You can also apply for a JSPS Research Fellowship (DC1, DC2).

 新学術創成研究科 融合科学共同専攻



 修士:月5万円 博士:月10万円また、日本学術振興会特別研究員(DC1,DC2)へ応募可能です。

 Scholarships: This Transdisciplinary division basically offers scholarships to students who enter the program. Master's:  50,000 yen per month Doctoral: 100,000 yen per month You can also apply for a JSPS Research Fellowship (DC1, DC2).

自然科学研究科 自然システム学専攻 (本専攻から卓越大学院プログラムへ応募可能です






The postgraduate education is designed to be substantial and internationalized. We are committed to international standards and to tackling unique and original problems. Students will be taught to collect and analyze the latest information related to their research topic, acquire a variety of experimental methods and ideas that will form the basis of their research, accurately analyze and evaluate experimental data, and finally develop the overall ability to write honest academic papers and present them at international conferences.  As a researcher, it is very important to produce research results that satisfy you. However, unlike a hobby, research at university should not end in self-satisfaction, but should always be done in a way that is useful to society. Furthermore, although competition in the field of research is necessary for motivation, we believe that mutual cooperation is the most important thing. This is what we seek to encourage in our graduate students.




日本学術振興会特別研究員 (PD, SPD)日本学術振興会特別研究員 (RPD)を獲得して参加くださる方を歓迎しています。申請書の作成もサポートします。 正直なところ、ポスドクレベルでは、フェローシップを自力で獲得できなければ、アカデミックな道はかなり厳しいものになるでしょう。

We particularly welcome participants who have been awarded a fellowship, such as a JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (PD, SPD) or a JSPS Research Fellowship (RPD). We will assist you in preparing your application. Honestly, at postdoc level, if you cannot get a fellowship by yourself, your academic path will be quite tough.