当研究室の羽澤 准教授が 公益財団法人JKA研究助成に採択されました 。おめでとうございます!

Dr. Hazawa got a grant from The JKA Foundation.  Congratulations !



当研究室の 卒業生の皆さんおめでとうございます!

 Congratulations to this year graduates from our lab ! All the Best !!!



当研究室の西出 くんが金沢大学学長賞を受賞しました 。おめでとうございます!

Mr. Nishide received the Kanazawa University President award!. Congratulations !



当研究室の近藤 さん(M2)と本学の薬学部の小川 研新学術創成研究機構 創薬分子プローブ研究ユニットの三代先生との共同研究 が Cells (IF 6.6)に論文を掲載しました。おめでとうございます!

Kondo published a paper in Cells.  Congratulations !



当研究室の羽澤 准教授が 中谷医工計測技術振興財団  研究助成に採択されました 。おめでとうございます!

Dr. Hazawa got a grant from The Nakatani Foundation.  Congratulations !



当研究室の卒研生 牧山 さん(B4)が BBRCに論文を掲載しました。おめでとうございます!

Ms Makiyama (B4 undergraduate) published a paper about NSP9 protein of SARS-CoV-2 attenuating nuclear transport by hampering nuclear pore protein NUP62 dynamics and functions in BBRC. Congratulations !


Recent Research Output (最近の研究成果)

2021-12 We published a SARS-CoV-2 HS-AFM paper in JEV (IF 25.841)

2021-04  We published a NPC-brain tumor paper in Autophagy  (IF 16.016)

2020-08  We published a Influenza HS-AFM paper in Nano Letters (IF 11.189)

2020-06  We published a NPC HS-AFM paper in Biomaterials (IF 12.479)

2020-03  We published a NPC-importin paper in Oncogene.  (IF 9.867)


Our laboratory is one of members in the

# Nano Life Science Institute (WPI NanoLSI),

# Institute for Frontier Science Initiative (Infiniti),

# School of Biological Science & Technology,

# Graduate School of Natural Science & Technology

in the Kanazawa University.


We study nano-pores (nuclear pore complex (NPC)) which implanted on the nuclear envelope (NE) as the headquarters' (nucleus) gatekeepers in our cells.


IF: impact factor 2020 from Clarivate Analytics